O Notias ton Ligon

Peny Papakonstantinou presents her second album titled “O notias ton ligon” one year after the release of her first album titled “Feggari stin taratsa”. She has already released a sample of her music with the song  “O ponos otan tragouda” ,  which has already won rave reviews.

The album is characterized by contrasts, melodies marry different timbres and create a unique and at the same time unexpected result. Electric and traditional sounds mix up while traditional instruments feature prominently in modern forms, giving us a very interesting musical versatility.

Peny Papakonstantinou seems to be  in a highly creative phase and takes the next step with this album, approaching new ways of interpretation, writing the music to four songs while also playing the lute. She meets again after their successful collaboration on her first album, with Haris Tsekoura, who wrote the music and lyrics for most of the songs, with Maria Kanavaki who has written the lyrics in two songs and Christos Pavlis , who made the orchestrations and played the guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, accordion of the album.

Lizeta Kalimeri and Katerina Dima have also written lyrics. Actress , Kallirroi Myriagkou and singer , Saveria Margiola also participate in it. Exceptional soloists such as Thodoris Rellos on saxophone, Vasilis Rapsaniotis on violin, Michalis Porfylis on cello, Georgia Dagaki on Cretan lyra and Georgia Loli on kanun put their personal stamp during the recordings.

The album is available digitally on cdbaby, itunes, facebook page and many other online music stores.