Mila mou san Paramythi

Sofia Karachaliou (songwriter) and Peny Papakonstantinou (musician-singer) wanted to make a dip in the children’s soul that we hide within us all resulting in the creation of an album of seven song-stories titled “Mila mou san paramythi”.

Bold symbols and meanings that mainly touch “grown up”, unfold through a “childish” approach, are reflected with a mixture of tones from rock , classical, gothic and industrial to traditional music.

The songs of the album perform the following artists

Sofia Kourtidou – “Gyrevei I nyxta tin avgi”

Saveria Margiola – “Psema,alitheia kai giati”

Aggeliki Toumpanaki – “Oi psyxes”

Callirroe Myriagkou – “To lathos kai I syggnomi”

Fenia Christou – “To lypimeno kastro”

Smyrna orchestra –  “Tis kalomanas to paidi”

Peny Papakonstantinou – “To kyparissi kai I vrysi”

The album has been released by the record label Final Touch in distribution of Cobalt.