Feggari stin Taratsa

Peny Papakonstantinou is a fresh proposal in the Greek music scene. She has released her first album titled “Feggari stin taratsa“, which includes five songs written by Haris Tsekoura.

The song “Feggari stin taratsa” is the first track of the album that plays already on the radio. Anastasia Moutsatsou also participates and uniquely interprets one of the songs of the album.

All songs are written by Haris Tsekoura and Maria Kanavaki with Christos Pavlis have made the orchestrations. For this album she had the opportunity to collaborate with great soloists  , such as Manos Achalinotopoulos in clarinet , Giorgos Makris in bagpipes, Alexandros Paraskevopoulos in bass, Nikos Christopoulos in drums, Evi Kanellou in percussion and George Gkaravounis in davul. Recordings of voices-mixing-mastering have been made in studio Mythos by Sakis Gikas.

The recording of the voice for the track “Feggari stin taratsa ” has been made in studio Pazl. The supervisor  of the production is Dimitris Ioannidis. The album has been released by Artway-Technotropon and you will find it in all central stores.